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Income Tax Organizer

Our Tax Organizer is designed to aid you in gathering the information needed to prepare your tax returns.  Additionally we will require all relevant source documents and supporting information.  We do not require that you use this tool and it is only provided for your convenience. The organizer is comprised of seven parts, each developed to assist clients in collecting relevant tax information needed to properly prepare your tax return.

Access any of the seven parts by double clicking on the underlined part number and print if needed.

Part 1 : Required For All Returns
Includes Instructions, Taxpayer Information, Dependents, Estimated Taxes, IRA Activity, Miscellaneous Income and Refund Direct Deposit Information.

Part 2 :
Dependents, Interest & Dividend Income and Stock Sales
Part 3 :
Needed If Itemizing Your Deductions
Medical Expenses, Deductible Taxes, Interest Deductions and Child Care Expenses.
Part 4 :
Needed If Itemizing Your Deductions
Charitable Contributions, Education Expenses, Miscellaneous Deductions and Casualty Losses.
Part 5 :
Travel Expenses, Away-from-home Expenses, Moving Expenses, Home Sale & Purchase and Office-in-the-home.
Part 6 :
Rental & Business Income
Part 7 :
Required For All Returns
Final checklist of documents and records needed.